BETTERFLY™ Ergonomic Goalie Equipment Making Goaltending Better.

Our Mission

Fixing butterfly ergonomics

Goalies drop to their knees hundreds of times each practice, which takes a toll on their bodies. The butterfly technique has long caused hip and knee problems that haven't been well addressed — until Betterfly.

Betterfly is designing innovative goalie equipment to help goalies make more ergonomic, balanced, and controlled butterfly saves.



Upright posture helps maintain more natural joint angles during butterfly save.


Front-weighted balance and even load distribution enhance dynamism and efficiency.


Limiting extreme positions and rotations keeps the butterfly compact and controlled.


BETTERFLY™ Goalie Skate Support

Additional contact point on ice during butterfly save

BETTERFLY™ Goalie Skate Support

Prototypes are currently being tested by demo goalies.

We are just getting started. More products coming later in 2024.